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Mizpah Trade Manager (MTM) is a subscription-based product. To obtain MTM, subscribe to one of the Subscription Plans offered here. These Subscription Plans are for all new subscriptions and upgrades. If you subscribe at a given level and want later to upgrade to a higher level, you simply subscribe to the higher level, and you will receive a pro rata refund for any unused period on your lower level subscription.

MTM does NOT support all versions of NinjaTrader. Ensure you understand the Supported Versions of NinjaTrader for MTM.

If you want to try MTM before subscribing, register for an obligation-free Free Trial.

Things to know about MTM subscriptions:

  • Subscriptions are always Annual subscriptions, including a built-in discount of Two Months for Free

  • All prices are USD

  • Mizpah Terms & Conditions apply, as well as all Mizpah Software Licence Conditions

  • Use of MTM requires that the NinjaTrader 8 Machine ID of the computer to be licensed be provided to Mizpah Software

  • Please allow 24 hours for processing and generation of your licence and installation kit.


Welcome to Mizpah Software and MTM. Thanks for choosing Mizpah.

NOTE: These Plans require you to Sign Up to become a Mizpah Software website member. If you have previously done that, you will go straight to the Plan Subscription process. If you have not yet been through the Sign Up process, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select your Plan here

  2. Complete the Sign Up form, and Submit it, and leave that form open

  3. Find the email sent to you requesting you verify your email and click to verify your email address

  4. Complete the Plan Subscription

Subscribe to MTM
Prices are USD

  • Bronze Annual

    Every year
    Good for New Traders and Traders who Trade as a Hobby
    • Annual charge = $20 per Month with TWO FREE Months
    • See Features Page for Details
  • Best Capabilities

    Gold Annual

    Every year
    For Traders wanting Multiple Dimensions of Potential
    • Annual charge = $120 per Month with TWO FREE Months
    • Includes all Silver Features
  • Silver Annual

    Every year
    For Traders who want to Expand their Opportunities
    • Annual charge = $50 per Month with TWO FREE Months
    • Includes all Bronze Features

All Prices are USD. Annual Subscriptions are automatically debited every year until cancelled. Each Annual charge includes TWO FREE Months, which are the last two months of the annual period. Prices are subject to change without notice. Subscriptions that are upgrades to an existing subscription, receive a pro rata refund on the unused period of the upgraded subscription. NO Refunds for Cancelled subscriptions. All plans are for ONE NinjaTrader 8 installation only and require a NinjaTrader 8 Machine ID to be provided before the MTM software can be licensed for use on that system.

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