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All Mizpah Software Products are Licensed

All Mizpah Software products are licensed. When you purchase a Subscription to any Mizpah Software product, Mizpah Software grants you a licence to use that product. The full licence conditions are in the Mizpah Software End User Licence Agreement (EULA) and associated Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs).

Anyone who purchases a product Subscription or uses any Mizpah Software product must understand this EULA and the associated Ts&Cs. When you purchase a Subscription you are legally agreeing to and accepting the EULA and the Ts&Cs, and you must explicitly agree to the licence and its conditions before you can use the subscribed product.

When the subscribed product is installed, the person installing it agrees to be legally bound by the EULA and the Ts&Cs, and that legal acceptance applies to all users of that subscribed product. Read and understand the EULA and the Ts&Cs before agreeing to them! They are available on this website to allow you to do this before purchasing your Subscription.

It is particularly important that you read the Trading Risk Disclaimers in the EULA (Section 13).

NOTE: All Mizpah Software product licences are entirely separate from and unrelated to any other product licences that may be needed to run the product (e.g. a NinjaTrader licence/subscription). In the case of NinjaTrader, Mizpah Software does not require the purchase of a NinjaTrader subscription. However, if you want to trade live brokerage accounts in NinjaTrader or MTM, you will need to purchase a NinjaTrader subscription from NinjaTrader, completely independently of Mizpah Software.

*No third-party companies have any affiliation with the owner, developer or provider of any Mizpah Software product, nor any interest, ownership or otherwise in any Mizpah Software product, and do not endorse, recommend or approve any Mizpah Software products.

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