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Mizpah Grid Trade on MT5

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May 3!

Mizpah Grid Trade on MT5

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Mizpah Grid Trade on MT5™ (MGT5™), a proprietary, custom Expert Advisor (EA) for MetaTrader 5*, brings industry-leading Grid Trading functionality to the MetaTrader 5 platform. It is designed, developed and produced exclusively by Mizpah Software.

Modelled on proprietary concepts and methods developed and used in Mizpah Software's flagship product MTM (Mizpah Trade Manager), MGT5 provides flexible grid configurations for trading a grid of orders easily and reliably. Trade Long grids, Short grids, or Straddle (breakout) grids. Run on any chart. Trade with any account. Trade in multiple accounts. All in one Windows Environment!

MGT5 is suitable for any trader, from those early in their trading journey to professional traders who want "power" features. Optimised for trading Forex, it is ready for the demanding trader.


MGT5 is powerfully automated. Unlike many Expert Advisors, MGT5 is a "manual submit" system. That means that the initial trade submission is made manually and entirely at the discretion of the trader. Traders set all configuration parameters, determine when to enter the market, and then simply click the type of trade to be submitted: Buy, Sell, or Straddle. Once submitted, MGT5 automatically creates and enters all the grid orders and monitors all orders in real-time, using highly flexible fully automatic, partially automatic, or manual exit features to end the trade as configured by the trader. This allows traders to take advantage of any profitable trading methodology and configure entry orders and trade exits for desired outcomes, whilst still ensuring traders can rapidly react to unexpected market conditions if required. Combined with the ability in MetaTrader 5 to save and load pre-defined settings, traders can rapidly configure and start MGT5 Trades.


MGT5 has unique features that enhance the more "normal" and "expected" features of a grid trading Expert Advisor, including:

  • Symmetric and Asymmetric grids (numbers of Orders above and below entry)

  • Optional automatic grid inversion when changing between a Buy grid and a Sell grid

  • Optional Silent/Stealth Mode whereby Orders are only submitted to the Market when their price in the grid is reached

  • Optional Market Order when Submitting the grid

  • StopLoss can be specified as Fixed, Trailing (from entry or at any time) or a discretionary BackStop at any time

  • Profit Target can be Fixed, or use an intelligent Profit Run function to potentially increase profits

  • Recognises "standard" and "raw" account types, and determines exchange rates for transactions as needed

  • Comprehensive messages in the MetaTrader 5 Experts log

  • In continual active development with new features expected to roll out from time-to-time


Scope of Support

Native Windows Systems

MGT5 is fully supported for MetaTrader 5 installations on native Windows-based systems:

  • Standalone PCs (desktop or laptop) running a Microsoft-supported version of Windows (Windows 10 or Windows 11)

  • Virtual Machine (VM) instances running a Microsoft-supported version of Windows

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) systems running a Microsoft-supported version of Windows Server. Various Windows VPS providers may be explicitly Mizpah-supported in the future after satisfactory testing by Mizpah. For now, all Windows VPS providers are considered "provisionally supported".

Windows Emulations

MetaTrader 5 can be installed on standalone Mac and Linux systems. Those systems need to run some form of Windows emulation environment to enable MetaTrader 5 to run. If the system does not have an installed Windows emulation environment, during the MetaTrader 5 installation a version of Wine that is included in the MetaTrader 5 installation kit is installed and the program runs in that Wine installation. Wine can also be independently installed on non-Windows systems.

Although MetaTrader 5 can run in Wine, currently, MGT5 does not run in Wine.
Some other form of Windows emulation environment is required to run MGT5 on these systems.

NOTE: Windows emulations do not always adhere strictly to Windows standards and so may not always behave as a genuine Windows environment would. Whilst MGT5 will run in a supported Windows emulation environment, that environment may not always have the same behaviour as a native Windows system.

On Mac and Linux systems, it is recommended that you run MGT5 in a Windows VPS accessed via the system.

Mac Systems

Mac systems can use a number of Windows emulation environments, including, for example, Parallels or VMware. Older Mac systems with Intel hardware can also use Mac Boot Camp. One of these or another similar product is required to run MGT5 on Mac systems.

Linux Systems

Linux systems can use a number of Windows emulation environments, including, for example, VMware. As is also the case for Mac systems, this or another similar product is required to run MGT5 on Linux systems.

MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal

The MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal provided by MetaQuotes on its website does not support Expert Advisors. Consequently, MGT5 is not available on that platform.



  • Always run a Microsoft-supported version of Windows with all current Windows Updates applied

  • Always keep MetaTrader 5 updated with its latest production release. [Do not use a beta release!]

  • MGT5 is available only as an Annual Subscription from Mizpah Software

  • Each Windows Environment (physical or virtual system) requires a separate MGT5 Subscription and Licence,
    and must be individually Registered for MGT5

  • Wine is NOT Supported as a Windows emulation environment for MGT5. Currently, MGT5 will NOT run in Wine.


When you purchase a Subscription to MGT5, Mizpah grants you a licence to use MGT5. The full licence conditions are in the Mizpah Software End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Anyone who purchases an MGT5 Subscription or uses MGT5 must understand this EULA. When you purchase a Subscription you are agreeing to and accepting this EULA, and you must explicitly agree to the licence and its conditions before you can use MGT5. When MGT5 is installed, the person installing it agrees to be legally bound by the EULA and all associated Mizpah Terms and Conditions, and that legal acceptance applies to all users of that installation of MGT5. Read and understand the EULA before agreeing to it! It is available on this website to allow you to do this before purchasing your MGT5 Subscription.

It is particularly important that you read the Trading Risk Disclaimers  in the EULA (Section 13).

Past performance is NOT indicative of future results!

*No MetaQuotes company has any affiliation with the owner, developer or provider of MGT5, nor any interest, ownership or otherwise in MGT5, and MetaQuotes does not endorse, recommend or approve MGT5. MGT5 is not available in the MetaTrader 5 Marketplace. It is available EXCLUSIVELY through Mizpah Software.

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