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Code of Conduct

1 Overview

Mizpah  provides this website and its facilities so that traders and those interested in trading have information on its products and services. It also provides a Member's Area, including a Forum, where those who join as Members can exchange information, ideas and experiences related to trading and Mizpah Software's products and services.

This community of members is an important asset for users of Mizpah Trade Manager (MTM). It is a place where traders can come to read, discuss and ask questions, knowing that the site environment is supportive of their growth as traders and mindful of the need for integrity of civilised behaviour on the site at all times.

By meeting and exchanging ideas and knowledge with others, this community is a powerful means of fostering a healthy and respectful trading environment. By participating in any of the facilities that are available to members, you agree to this Mizpah Community Code of Conduct and the Mizpah Terms & Conditions.

Here you will find what is expected of members and participants in the community, and what actions may warrant temporary or permanent suspension from the community. Be assured that Mizpah takes its responsibilities to host a safe, secure and respectful community very seriously. All complaints and reports of violations of this Community Code of Conduct or the Terms & Conditions will be thoroughly investigated and any required appropriate action taken.

Mizpah encourages a free, respectful interchange on matters related to trading and Mizpah Software, but will not tolerate abuse of any form.

2 Respect

Members and participants in the Mizpah Software community must treat all other members and participants with courtesy and respect. These facilities shall not be used in any way that causes offence through harassment, rude or abusive language, bullying, threatening language, degrading or insulting comments, or any other form of personal vilification. Mizpah Software requires all members and participants to recognise the rights of all to freedom from prejudicial, discriminatory, offensive or hateful interaction, including related to (but nor limited to) race, ethnicity, gender, personal appearance, languages spoken, nationality, religion, age, able-ness, experience, education and any forms of bigotry.

3 Participation Standards

Mizpah requires the following minimum standard of participation in the community:

  • Be respectful of others at all times; grant others the dignity they would be expected to give others too

  • Be welcoming and inclusive; a supportive community will be a far more successful community

  • Recognise that different people have different levels of experience; learn and teach, but do not lecture!

  • Recognise that others may not always agree with a particular viewpoint; be tolerant, civil and polite, always!

  • Discuss differences of opinion and perspective in a mature and civilised manner; exchange thoughts, do not berate thinking

  • Contribute to the community in a constructive and positive manner

  • Safeguard the community from harm as one would a close friend.


4 NOT Permitted

In addition to those matters discussed above, the following are not permitted within the community:

  • Threats of any type whatsoever, including those that may have been intended "lightly"!

  • Advertising of any type, including links to advertising

  • Promotion of any products or services, including links to other products and services

  • Transmission of any electronic item or construct that may have malicious intent, potential or capability that could affect the Mizpah Software website or any other electronic data or infrastructure anywhere

  • Self-promotion or providing private or sensitive information about oneself or anyone else

  • Promotion, encouragement or unreasonable discussion related to things illegal in any jurisdiction, including (but not limited to) criminal behaviour and incitement to criminal behaviour

  • Unreasonable discussion or provision of anything related to nudity, sexuality, pornography, violence, terrorism and other human rights abuses and violations

  • Plagiarism or any form of fraudulent behaviour, including (but not limited to) impersonation or false representations

  • Provision of text, images or other material not belonging to the person posting without the express permission of the owner, including trademarked and copyright materials that do not meet "fair use" criteria, or any other form of infringement of Intellectual Property

  • Libellous or defamatory statements of any type

  • Links generally, unless they unequivocally relate to helpful matters of trading (see advertising and promotion and services above!)

  • Anything considered to be spam or trolling in nature

  • Anything that could be considered as endangering children, including (but not limited to) inappropriate discussion, solicitation or enticement to do anything

  • Anything generally considered to be disruptive to the good order of the community.


5 Forum Guidelines

Participants in the Forum should be mindful of these matters, amongst others:

  • Use the Forum for civilised, helpful discussion of matters related to trading

  • Do not post something unless it will be useful to others to read or know about

  • Share trading experiences and ideas

  • Ask good questions

  • Give good answers

  • Stay "on topic"

  • Choose words carefully to try to avoid misunderstandings

  • When misunderstandings occur, work quickly to resolve them amicably

  • Be professional and courteous at all times.


6 Responsibility

All community members and participants are granted to be in the community as a privilege, not a right. Each member and participant must be mindful of being a good "community citizen" and should feel comfortable reporting breaches of this Code of Conduct or the Terms & Conditions. The Contact Support form on this website can be used for confidential reporting of such matters.


7 Consequences

If a breach of this Code of Conduct or the Terms & Conditions is suspected or reported, Mizpah will investigate the matter fully and fairly. When Mizpah believes someone has breached this Code of Conduct or its Terms & Conditions, it may, in its own sole right, take action it considers appropriate. This may be as straightforward as removing content, or suspending or removing members or participants, or even as far as involving law enforcement, if deemed appropriate or necessary.


8 Legal

Note that this of Code of Conduct may not be comprehensive, and does not in any way replace or modify the Mizpah Terms & Conditions.
Mizpah retains all communications and materials related to this community and its members and participants that may be needed to fully comply with all legal and regulatory obligations. All such things are held in accordance with the Mizpah Privacy Policy.
Mizpah reserves its absolute right to modify or remove content that it believes is contrary to this Code of Conduct or its Terms & Conditions.

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