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Why Trade?

Thanks for exploring Mizpah Software products. I'm Jonathan Ridler, the author and developer of Mizpah Trade Manager (MTM), an AddOn for NinjaTrader 8, and Mizpah Grid Trade on MT5 (MGT5).

To trade is to struggle.

Only just started to learn? Been trading for decades? ... No matter how long you've been "at it", you know it is a struggle to trade well!

The three Ts consume you: "Teachers", Tools and "Try this!"

  • Some "teachers" teach well but can't trade well; some can trade but not teach; very few do both well!
    And they all charge you whether you succeed or fail!

  • Tools, tools and more tools! Yet another new indicator, really "guaranteed" to make you rich. Buy another fancy piece of software and you will definitely "unlock the secret of the markets"! ... ... ...
    The next "bright shiny object" is always better, right?

  • Try this way and you'll be a "winner". No, no, try it this other way and you'll take profit every time.
    Of course this guy knows what he's talking about, so go buy his stuff and try it out!

Despite the frustration of the three Ts and the real struggle, we still believe we can master trading (enough) to make it profitable. We believe this because it is possible!

Why MTM and MGT5?

I understand the three Ts, just like you and most successful traders, as well as many who have not succeeded.

Trading is struggle. But some things can make the struggle easier.

Having learned about trading, and tried many things "out there", I developed some good ways to trade.
Not always profitably, of course. But in ways that can produce good reward for well-controlled risk.

I struggled to find good, intuitively usable tools that allowed me to trade the way I wanted: more easily, with more information and flexibility of control, and reliable automation when I wanted it.

So, as a Software Engineer and trader, I decided to create software that

  • embodies the best trading habits I've come across

  • embraces the most effective trading approaches I've seen

  • helps me manage my money more reliably.

I build products that

  • lets me do the simplest, most straight-forward single-order trade on days when I want to "chill", or when the markets are quiet ...

  • ... but also let me rip into the markets when they are "on fire", and magnify the potential of my good trading strategies by trading in "multiple dimensions" ...

  • ... and monitor the real world events that can make markets move!

This is why I have spent several years making our flagship product MTM and MGT5. This is why I believe that learning to trade well also requires tools that reinforce good trading habits, while offering an array of capabilities to let me trade with great flexibility in whatever way the markets and I both feel on any day.

Why Multiple Dimensions?

What are multiple dimensions anyway?! Quite simply, doing the same things in multiple ways at the same time.

Place one order in one account on one market instrument? No problem. I can eat those sweets all day long.
But what about the smorgasbord feast that comes for main course and desert when markets are at their richest?

If I'm doing this for one instrument, why do I have to go and repeat it all for other instruments that are moving the same way? I just want to set it up once and do it for a whole basket of instruments when they correlate. MTM.

I'm in a great trade in this account, but why do I need to replicate all the detail just to do the same trade in other accounts and then control all those accounts individually. I just want to do the same thing in multiple accounts at
the same time. Sensibly. Managed. MTM.

Look at this market! It's going wild, and I just wish I could automatically size in to my position based on how far the price moves. I can sit here and click buttons, but when it is really moving like this, why can't I just have a grid of orders and each is entered as price reaches it, letting the market decide automatically? Reliable. Powerful. MTM.

Wow. Look at this grid of orders for each of the instruments in my basket, and see how they're all accumulating the same way in my several accounts simultaneously. And I did all this in one single trade! Thank heaven MTM is also watching my money and will get me out when and how I told it to. And tomorrow if I want to do this trade again
(or very similar), I'm glad MTM saved all the details so I can just call it up with a click and go! 
And I can also trade these powerful grids in MT5 using MGT5! That's so easy and convenient.

Most of all, knowing that my trading is easier, more streamlined and more reliable, I can spend more time with the people I love rather than anxiously glued to a screen! I can reclaim that much more important part of my life!

That's Why!

That!  That is why I created MTM and MGT5. With MTM, I can also take advantage of all the great features of NinjaTrader 8. And with MGT5, I can use the tried and trusted proprietary grid technology of MTM on the widely available MT5 platform.

From simplest to very sophisticated, trade the way you want, with multiple dimensions of opportunity!

Increase your trading skills and your consistency, and trade diverse markets -- whenever you want to.

MTM and MGT5 are ready whenever you are.

I hope you will enjoy how MTM and MGT5 ease the struggle of trading consistently well ... and helps make it more enjoyable!

Explore all Mizpah Software products to see how they may help to make your trading more enjoyable and profitable.

Thanks for choosing Mizpah. May you trade well and prosper!

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