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Mizpah Press publishes books of interest to people who devote time and thought to matters of ethics, morals, belief and faith. The small collection is primarily focussed on the Christian faith, but also includes some literature such as plays.


Prayers for Everyday Use by Jonathan Ridler

Prayers for Everyday Use FULL COVER

Prayer sustains life. It is our response to the impulse of God within us. To pray at all times, in all places, and in every circumstance, is to maintain that lifeline to God. This collection of original prayers is suitable for individuals and communities, for private devotions or public worship. There are prayers here for most occasions, including praise, intercession, joy, sorrow, repentance, thanksgiving, birth, families, sickness, death, guidance, protection, and the Holy Days and seasons of the Church from Advent through to Christ the King. Each prayer has an associated image that reflects the nature of the prayer in some manner. It is the author's hope that the prayers may inspire the reader to pray more often, to be more mindful of Our Lord in all things, and to move the reader to manifestly participate in the Body of Christ in thought, word and deed.

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Chapter 13 – An Exploration of 1 Corinthians 13 and its Implications for Everyone by Jonathan Ridler

Chapter 13 FULL COVER

The thirteenth chapter of the First Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 13, or 1 Cor 13) is one of the greatest passages of Christian scripture, and arguably one of the most profound pieces of literature ever written. This book is the author's personal exploration of 1 Cor 13 and its relevance for the whole of humanity. This may seem a grandiose aim, but St Paul's words speak to an essential and unequivocal truth: that all human beings crave to be loved and, at some level, crave to love. The author uses three different translations of the text (AKJV, RSV, NJB) to add nuance to the textual exploration, and to more fully appreciate the depth of St Paul's use of the word “love” (or “Charity”, or in New Testament Greek, agapē). By seeking the true extent of the meaning of each verse, a more profound understanding can be had of what the chapter means for everyone everywhere today.

The book is not intended as an exegesis or academic commentary. Rather, it tries to reveal the heart of the matter St Paul is here expounding: the absolute primacy of Love in all things. In today’s world, where the word “love” has become almost a caricature of that which St Paul extols, the essential noble meaning of the word and its usage in St Pauls' epistle are sought by digging ever deeper into each verse, as one might revisit a loved-one's letter time and again to unwrap more of the gifts of the writing, and to embrace ever more fully the inescapable truth of the Gospel, so eloquently wrought in summary in the typically soul-sustaining lyricism of St Paul's writing.

By setting aside time to examine and explore 1 Corinthians 13 “in leisurely detail”, and with the backdrop of a common, divinely-created humanity as the canvas on which the outworking of agapē occurs, the author hopes that new perspectives on its relevance at every moment for every person everywhere in every and all circumstances will lead to a greater depth of appreciation, understanding and “living out” of this most profound of all loves in each of our lives. Soli Deo Gloria!

Price (includes postage/packaging):  AUD 30.00,  CAD 30.00,  EUR 25.00,  GBP 25.00,  USD 25.00

All countries other than Australia, Canada, European Union, UK and USA, use the USD price.

Three Short Plays by Jonathan Ridler

Three Short Plays FULL COVER

This collection of three short plays provides a delightful addition to the repertoire of any theatre troupe, amateur or professional. Each individual play provides a different style of stage production and atmosphere. From the stark single chair of the mystical monologue of Jacob's Giraffe, to the modest prop of a bench that hosts a riotous ensemble of eccentric personalities in Bench Press (a play without words), to the modern-day parable of The Pentillionaire whose mysterious narrative tale is counter-pointed with the daft interpretation of the story by a television reporter, the three plays offer variations of entertainment that are sure to satisfy and please audiences and performers alike. With each work needing minimal resources, the production costs are low, yet all-the-more effective for that elegant simplicity. The duration of each play being less than 10 minutes is also conducive to incorporation of any or all of them in a larger programme of suitably amenable works. Whilst originally written for amateur players, the multi-layered material can also serve professional performers well, and be as simply or as thoughtfully received by audiences in as many ways as there are venues for the performances.

Price (includes postage/packaging):  AUD 20.00,  CAD 20.00,  EUR 16.00,  GBP 16.00,  USD 16.00

All countries other than Australia, Canada, European Union, UK and USA, use the USD price.

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