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The Power of Mizpah Software Technology

On TWO Powerful Trading Platforms!

Mizpah Trade Manager

Powerful. ​Intelligent. Feature-Rich.

Multi-Dimensional Managed Trading

for NinjaTrader 8

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Powerful, ​Intelligent Grid Trading on MetaTrader 5

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Cross-hatch icon

GRID Trades

Trade a GRID of multiple Orders easily

Basket icon

Basket Trades

Trade a Basket of Instruments easily

Cash Stack icon

Multi-Account Trades

Trade multiple Accounts simultaneously

Spanners Tools icon


Unlimited custom Profiles to store configurations and Trade settings

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Blue Arrow Up
Blue Arrow Up and Right
Blue Arrow Left
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Risk Management +

Money Management

in ALL Trades!

Cross-hatch icon
Basket icon
Cash Stack icon

GRID + Basket + Multi-Accounts

Trade them ALL in ONE Trade!

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Blue Arrow Down
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Comprehensive Data from Trades for Analysis

Grey Arrow Long Down and Right

For ALL Traders, from Novice to Professional.
Confidently Trade Financial Markets with Mizpah Trade Manager on NinjaTrader 8.

Graph Up icon

Market Aware

Monitor scheduled Market Events in


Use Market Events to

Control Trades.

Stealthy Trades!

Only visible in the Market when filled!

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CFD   Crypto   Forex   Future   Index   Stock

NinjaTrader Trading Platform

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NinjaTrader was released on 2023-03-04
Read about the 8.1 release on the NinjaTrader website!

Mizpah continues to recommend and support NT Details on MTM support for NinjaTrader can be found here.

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