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NinjaTrader 8 Machine ID

Mizpah Software requires your NinjaTrader 8 Machine ID
to generate your unique Mizpah Trade Manager Licence.
Your NT8 Machine ID is found in NT8's Help/About menu.

You can provide your NinjaTrader 8 Machine ID here.

Please also provide the version of NinjaTrader 8 that you have installed. This is found in the same NT 8 menu as above.

Version of NinjaTrader 8?

Thanks for providing your NinjaTrader 8 Machine ID and Version

NOTE re Machine ID: From time-to-time, your NinjaTrader 8 Machine ID may change. This can be caused by software and hardware changes to your system.


Your MTM licence is created using your current NT8 Machine ID. If your NT8 Machine ID changes, your MTM licence automatically becomes invalid, and you will not be able to use MTM until you install an updated licence created with your new NT8 Machine ID.


If your NT8 Machine ID has changed, use this form here to send your new NT8 Machine ID to Mizpah Software. We will create a new MTM licence for you and make it available for you to install, usually within 24 hours.

This MTM licence update is always free of charge. Note that this new MTM licence replaces your previous MTM licence and NT8 Machine ID, both of which will no longer be valid.

NOTE re NinjaTrader Version: In March 2023, NinjaTrader introduced NinjaTrader 8.1 (e.g. full version number This new version supersedes NinjaTrader 8.0 (e.g. Because of significant changes in the 8.1 versions compared with the 8.0 versions, MTM will eventually be released as two versions: one for 8.0 and the other for 8.1. Both versions of MTM will have the same capabilities. You must install the correct MTM version on the associated NinjaTrader version. If you upgrade (or downgrade) between 8.0 and 8.1, you will need to advise Mizpah Software here. The appropriate MTM version for your installed NinjaTrader version will be supplied to you when an 8.1.1.x version of MTM is released.

Furthermore, NOTE that Mizpah Software does not yet support any versions of 8.1.1.x. Mizpah Software recommends remaining on NT for the time being, if possible, to allow time for the new 8.1 version to be "quality tested" by the NinjaTrader user community. If you are a new user and for some reason cannot use NinjaTrader 8.0, (i.e. you must install 8.1), Mizpah Software cannot currently provide an 8.1.1.x compatible version of MTM. Please check this website from time-to-time to see if an 8.1.1.x version has been released.

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